I'm a Pet & Wildlife Portrait Artist currently based in Las Vegas, NV. Since a very young age I've held a fascination with animals of all kinds and they've consistently been my go-to subjects. I'm especially fond of horses and never tire of their beauty. 

During high school, I started working with colored pencils and completed my first pet portrait commission. Drawing was unfortunately put on hold for a bit while earning my BFA in Graphic Design in Albany, NY and while working as a full-time graphic designer in Miami, FL.

In October 2016, I moved to the Las Vegas area and have been pursuing animal portraiture and freelance designing. It has truly been a pleasure so far and I'm excited to continue to grow as an artist through both commissioned work and personal projects.

Having grown up in a household full of pets, I understand the incredible impact they can have on someone's life and a portrait is a fitting way to commemorate them. In every portrait I make, I strive to capture the animal's unique personality. Few things make me as happy as when the owner says the drawing looks exactly like their beloved pet!

Besides art and design, I'm an avid fan of Rocket League, The Lord of The Rings, and The Legend of Zelda. I, also, have a collector's heart and have been collecting model horses since 2005 along with vinyl figures from my favorite video games, books, and cartoons.